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Animation Bar

Animation Bar

Animation bar

The Animation bar includes the user interface elements labeled above and described in the following table.

Label Description


Animation selector displaying the name of the currently loaded animation.

  • Click Click the drop-down to display a menu of available animation sequences and the Import Animation button.

    • To select another animation sequence, click it.

    • To import an animation, click Import Animation. A file explorer window is displayed.

      1. Navigate to where the animation file is located and select it.

      2. Click Open. The animation is loaded.

        You can load animations in FBX and MDD format.


Controller with standard video icons.

  • Go to start Go to start of animation

  • Go to previous frame Go to previous frame

  • Play animation Play animation

  • Record animation Record animation

  • Go to next frame Go to next frame

  • Go to end of animation Go to end of animation

  • Loop Play the clip in a repeating loop


Timeline display selector.

Click Click the drop-down to display the choices available, then click to select: Frames and Time.


Timeline displaying the animation with a cursor and a scale of frames or time.

The Timeline includes a cursor as shown in the following image.

Timeline cursor

The cursor moves along the Timeline as an animation is played or recorded.

You can drag the cursor (or click to place it) as required:

  • When the garment is undressed, you can put the cursor on any point in the entire animation range as set by the selected avatar.

  • When the garment is dressed, you can put the cursor on any point in the recorded animation currently loaded. For example, if the clip is ten seconds long, you can drag the cursor to any time in that ten second span.


Drag the slider to either increase or decrease the scale of units displayed on the Timeline. You can also click the icons at either end of the slider.

  • Increasing the scale of units Increase scale means less time is displayed on the Timeline.

  • Decreasing the scale of units Decrease scale means more time is displayed on the Timeline.

Note: The slider is disabled if there is no animated avatar loaded.


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