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VStitcher Avatars


Avatars are typically the 3D human like models on which 3D garments can be dressed, fitted, and simulated. There are the following types of avatar:


Pre-installed with Browzwear applications, and available to use, modify, change pose, and share.


Created in third-party software from cleaned up digital scans of body forms or live models, and saved as a 3D file. This type also includes third party generated 3D object avatars, whether created from scans or otherwise, and hanger avatars.

Soft Avatars Designed to mimic the behavior and shape changes of the human body in different garments to achieve realistic presentation of garments on the body. Taking into consideration the pressure applied to the body by the garment and the softness of the body.

Viewing Avatars

To select an avatar:

  1. On the Resources tabs, click 3D.

    Click 3D, then Avatars

  2. Click Avatars. The available avatars are displayed.

  3. By default, the avatars are displayed in list format.

    • Click Grid format at the top of the list to display in grid format.

    • Click List view to return to list format.

    • Type in the search box to search for an avatar by name. For example, to search for hanger avatars, start to type hanger.

  4. Double-click the avatar you want. The avatar is displayed in the 3D window.

    It may take a few moments for the avatar to display.

Adding Avatars

To add avatars, you must import them. You can import Browzwear supplied parametric avatars, or your own or other third-party supplied avatars. You can create a custom avatar by importing a parametric avatar and editing it.

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