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Garment Creation

Garment Creation Overview

This garment creation overview is to help you understand the creation process when using VStitcher, and to become familiar with some of the words and phrases used.

In outline, the typical steps involved in creating a basic 3D garment might include:

  • Importing the digital pattern file

  • Selecting the avatar

  • Checking the pieces - and where required, adding and editing pieces

  • Stitching the pieces

  • Arranging the pieces

  • Preparing the garment on the avatar

  • Dressing the avatar

This basic outline does not include details such as adding fabrics, seams, artwork, and so on.

Every company, and every person has their own workflow. VStitcher fits in with whatever workflow is used, giving you the tools and flexibility you require. For example, when it comes to checking the pattern file and the pieces, you may not need to add pieces. But, if you do need to create extra pieces, you can do that in VStitcher. Similarly, the workflow above has stitching then arranging. Your workflow might reverse that order. Regardless, you can do this in VStitcher. Also, it's worth remembering that garment creation is a flexible, dynamic process, which in practice often means that you may need to go back and repeat one or more steps to get to the desired end result.


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