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A cluster is a group of one or more pattern pieces.

  • Clusters define the position of the 2D pattern shapes on the avatar in the 3D window.

  • Clusters are allocated to locations which you can view in arrange mode.

  • Each cluster has a wrap type setting which determines how it wraps in place.

  • All pieces of a garment must be in a cluster.

For more information, refer to How to Arrange Pieces.

VStitcher 2021.3.1 and newer

You can now arrange pieces into cluster using the 3D window. For more information, refer to Arranging Clusters in 3D

​VStitcher 2023.2 and newer​
When arranging a piece, you may press the Ctrl key (Mac: Command), to select and arrange pieces on piece level instead of cluster level for more intentional and accurate placement. For more information, refer to Arranging Clusters in 3D

Selection and Clusters

2021.2 and newer

When in prepare mode, if you select a pattern piece in the 3D window:

  • The Arrange Clusters pane is displayed in the Context view

  • The cluster to which the pattern piece belongs is selected in the Arrange Clusters pane, and

  • The 2D window goes into arrange mode, highlighting the selected cluster

You can freely move clusters in the 3D window using the 3D gizmo.

If required, in the 3D window, press Ctrl (Mac: Command) and click on a piece to select only the piece in the cluster.

To revert from arrange mode to the regular 2D window, on the Main toolbar, click Select.

Version 2021.2 also made some changes to the Arrange Clusters pane. For more information, refer to Arranging the Clusters.

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