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2D Window Details

Version 2021.3.1 includes the first part of a gradual user interface refresh. Icons in the software may display with slight differences from the versions shown in the Help Center. In addition, you can now choose a light or dark user interface. For more information, refer to Appearance.

2D window

The 2D window displays pieces, stitches, and other shape related elements.

2d Window

With your mouse in the 2D window, press Tab to maximize the window. Press Tab again to reverse the action.

Navigating and Selecting in the 2D Window

You can navigate and select in the 2D window by:

Configuring the 2D Window Display

In addition to using the 2D window toolbar options, you can further configure the 2D window display.

To configure the display:

  1. On the Main menu, click View, then 2D Display. A menu is displayed.

  2. Click to enable or disable the options as required.

    Option If Enabled


    Textures are displayed.


    Stitches are always displayed.


    Grading (if any) is displayed.


    Seam allowances are displayed.

    Internal Lines

    Internal lines are displayed.

    Trace Changes

    When you make changes to a pattern piece, an outline of the original pattern piece - before the change - is displayed. Tip: It may be easier to view if you disable the display of textures. The following image shows how the feature works.

    Trace changes

    Shape Info

    ID of certain elements is displayed, according to those chosen under Shape Options.

    Grain Line

    Grain line direction is displayed.

    Background Grid

    Background grid is displayed.

    Grade Points Numbers

    Grade point numbers are displayed.

    Show Dimensions

    Dimensions of pattern piece edges are displayed.

    Smart Guides

    If enabled, certain guidelines are displayed, according to those chosen under Smart Guides Options. For more information, refer to Using Smart Guides.

Synchronizing the 2D Window Display

You can sync the 2D window so that it displays the pattern pieces in the same general layout as in arrange mode.

To sync with arrange mode:

  1. Ensure the 2D window is displayed.

  2. On the Main menu, click View, then Sync Layout. The available options are displayed.

    Sync arrange mode

  3. Click By Arrange Mode. The pattern pieces are displayed in the 2D window to conform with the same general layout in arrange mode.

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