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Importing SBSAR Files

Importing SBSAR Files

As part of the integration with Substance, you can import SBSAR files to use as materials in VStitcher. You add such a file in the same way as you would normally add a material file.

For example, to import such a file as a fabric:

  1. If the Materials tab is not already open, on the Resources tabs, click Materials.


  2. If not already open, click the Garment tab.

    Garment tab is open

  3. Go to the Fabrics section and click Click to display a menu. A menu is displayed.

  4. Click Add Fabric. A file explorer window is displayed.

  5. Navigate to the file you want to add then select it.

  6. Click Open.

  7. Follow any on-screen prompts as required.

Importing SBSAR files that do not have a diffuse map is not supported.

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