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Smart Buttons Overview

Smart Buttons Overview

Smart buttons simplify the process of adding buttons of any type to your garments.

Button Parts

Each smart button includes the following:

  • Button - a 3D object

  • Buttonhole - a 2D trim

Button Use Cases

Each smart button can be used in one of the following ways:

  • Connecting two pieces. For example, the button on the front of a shirt.

    Button and buttonhole in separate locations

  • Fixed in one place. For example, as decoration on a pocket that does not open, or on a piece that you do not want to open in simulation.

    Button and buttonhole in same location

  • When the button and buttonhole are assigned to two different locations, you can choose if the button is open or closed.

  • When the button and buttonhole are assigned to the one location, the button stays closed. To change this behavior, you must assign the button and buttonhole to two different locations.

Video available For an overview, check out the video: Smart Buttons

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