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Creating the Front Left Piece

Creating the Front Left Piece

To create this piece:

  1. Go to the 2D window.

    The following image is a thumbnail. Throughout the Help Center, you can click on thumbnail images to expand them. Click your browser's Back button to return it to a thumbnail.

    VStitcher user interface

  2. On the front right piece (numbered 0), select the right edge. When selected, the edge is highlighted.

    The right edge is selected

  3. Go to the Context view.

    Context view

  4. In the Actions section, at Edge Symmetry, click Create.

    Edge Symmetry

    VStitcher creates a symmetrical copy of the front right piece and combines it with the original piece. The front right piece and front left piece are one piece. The piece looks like this:

    Front piece

  5. On the Main menu, click File then Save.

    Save your file

  6. A file explorer window is displayed for you to save your work.

    • If using VStitcher 2019 August Edition or newer, your work is saved as a BW file.

    • If using VStitcher 2019 April Edition or older, your work is saved as a VSGX file.

  7. Navigate to wherever you want to save your work.

  8. Type a name for your file.

  9. Click Save.

Continue Once you have created the front left piece, continue with Creating the Back Left Piece.

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