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Reviewing the Pieces

Reviewing the Pieces

If you have followed the tutorial instructions, you should now have five pieces as in the following table.

Piece ID Description
Front piece 0 Front
Back piece 1 Back
Collar 2 Collar
Right sleeve 3 Right sleeve
Left sleeve 4 Left sleeve

Your pieces may have different ID numbers if, for example, you created a piece and deleted it because it wasn’t correct. If your pieces have different ID numbers, you may want to edit the names of the pieces so you can more easily follow the instructions in the rest of the tutorial. For example, Back or Front. However, the original ID numbering remains in brackets. You cannot edit this.

To change the name of a piece:

  1. In the Resources tabs, click 2D. A list of pieces is displayed.

  2. Double-click the piece you want to rename.

  3. Type in the new name.

Reminder: If you toggle Show/hide names/Show/hide names on the 2D window, the names are displayed or hidden.

Continue Once you have reviewed the pieces, continue with Arranging the Pieces on the Avatar.

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