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3D Styling

3D Styling

You can use the 3D styling enhancements to easily carry out complex tweaks and fixes, such as:

  • Move a fully draped garment and align it with an avatar that is positioned differently from the source avatar

  • Fix drape problems in an outfit or multi layered garment by moving specific patterns, locking them, and then using the pinch tool on a lower layer

  • Fix and add stitches to a draped outfit or multi layered garment by moving a piece and then stitching a pocket to the garment underneath

  • Stitching to the inside by moving a layer and then stitching, for example, an internal pocket

  • Moving a garment that has been sent to the floor so it won't be on the floor

To use the 3D styling tools, you first go to the 3D styling pane. When the pane is displayed, you can use the styling tools as required.

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