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Import from Cloud

Import from Cloud

This feature gives you access to Browzwear’s Cloud Library of:

  • Garments

  • Avatars (2020 January Edition and newer - imported avatars)

  • SmartDesign templates (2020 May Edition and newer)

The initial release included a selection of basic grade garments and has gradually been expanded. You can download each garment and use it as a foundation for your own design.

To import an asset from the cloud:

  1. On the main menu click File, then Import from Cloud. The Browzwear Cloud Library is displayed.

    Browzwear Cloud Library

    The assets are organized in areas called boards. For example: Men, Women, Avatars.

  2. Click the board you want to view. The assets in the board are displayed.

  3. Click the asset you want to download. The garment is displayed as a turntable image.

    You can view the turntable image in the same way as viewing such an image in Stylezone. For example, you can zoom in and out, and change the camera view of the garment. Exception: Turntable images are not available for SmartDesign templates.

    If Click to view turntable image is displayed, you must first click Rotate before being able to rotate the turntable image and zoom in and out.

  4. Hover over the top of the window displaying the turntable image to view the download button. Click Download. The file is downloaded to your computer. When the download is complete, a message is displayed asking if you want to import it into VStitcher.

    Click Browzwear Assets to go back to the front page of the Browzwear Cloud Library.

    Click to go to front page


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