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Managing Alpha Channel

Managing Alpha Channel

When a diffuse map includes an alpha channel, the alpha map is exposed automatically in the Alpha section.

Alpha channel exposed

You can remove, replace and edit an alpha channel.

To remove an alpha channel:

  1. Hover over the Alpha channel thumbnail, The Delete icon is displayed at the top right corner of the thumbnail.

    Delete alpha channel

  2. Click the Delete icon. The alpha channel is removed.

    Empty alpha channel

You can edit the alpha channel, or replace it an with an external alpha channel.

To edit or replace an Alpha channel:

  1. In the Alpha section, click on the Alpha channel thumbnail. The image editor dialog is displayed.

    Alpha channel options

  2. Use the different options from the image editor dialog to apply an action to the alpha channel.

    The options inside the More menu are not all enabled. An alpha channel can only follow the diffuse settings.

    Alpha menu options

You can restore the alpha channel of the diffuse map.

To restore the alpha channel of the diffuse map:

  1. Next to the Alpha channel thumbnail, click the Reset Alpha to Diffuse button.

    Reset alpha channel

  2. The existing alpha map is replaced with the alpha map of the diffuse.

When a diffuse map does not have an alpha channel, the Alpha section is empty.

Empty alpha channel

You can add an external alpha map.

To add an external alpha map:

  1. In the Alpha section, click No texture.

  2. Choose the desired alpha map. The alpha map is added to the Alpha section, and is applied to the material.

Alpha channel remains empty in the following cases:

  • The loaded diffuse map does not use a transparency supported format such as JPG format

  • The loaded diffuse map uses a transparency supported format like PNG or TIFF, but with no alpha channel.

  • Vector formats, Ai and SVG, do not have an exposed alpha channel

  • Imported Ai or SVG files or loading existing material that use Ai or SVG files

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