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Pleated Cargo Pockets

Pleated Cargo Pockets

This video was recorded using version 2021.2.

To create cargo or bellow pockets, slice the patterns into different parts to allow the pocket to simulate properly.

Here are some points to note:

  • To mark the center of the gusset patterns and add a fold line, use the Pen tool with Snap to Center enabled .

  • Always check the fold direction and angle in the 3D Window and adjust as needed.

  • To add pleats on the pocket, adjust the fullness of the pattern to accommodate the pleats.

  • Use the Stitch toolto help hold the pocket and gussets in place. The stitches may be removed afterwards if not needed.

  • Check that the 3D layers arrangement is correct, and that the gusset patterns are positioned behind the pocket pattern in Prepare mode.

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