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How to Import a 3D Trim Object

To import a 3D trim object:

  1. If the Materials tab is not already open, on the Resources tabs, click Materials.

    • Lotta


    • VStitcher


  2. In the Trims section, click Click to display a menu.

    Click to display a menu

    A menu is displayed


  3. Click Add Trim. A file explorer window is displayed.

  4. Navigate to the location of the 3D trim object file, and select it.

  5. Click Open.

    The Customize 3D Object dialog box is displayed.

    Customize 3D Object

    The 3D Object Editor showing an image of the object is displayed.

    3D Object Editor

  6. Edit the properties in the Customize 3D Object dialog box as required.




    Displays A/B where A is the current vertical facing displayed, and B is the number of available vertical facings.

    Click Right or Left to select the vertical facing. As you click, the popup pane displays the updated facing.


    Displays the horizontal facing, being one of the following

    • 90°

    • 180°

    • 270°

    Click Right or Left to select the horizontal facing. As you click, the popup pane displays the updated facing.


    Whether the object is symmetrical. Enabled by default.


    Units of measurement.


    Read-only. Height of the object.

  7. Click OK. The 3D object is imported and displayed in the Trims section.

The 3D Object Editor still displays. You can use the editor to edit the geometry or the connectors of the 3D object. For more information, refer to Editing 3D Object Geometry and Editing the Connectors .
​Version 2023.2.0 and newer​
​In previous versions, when importing 3D objects from external software, by default all imported object values were reset to zero in ​VStitcher​​. From this version, the imported 3D object values are maintained to ensure the object is arranged according to the original design.

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