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To create a belt with hardware, create pattern pieces for each portion of the belt.

Here are some important points to note:

  • Create separate pattern pieces for sections of the belt that wrap around hardware.
  • Use internal lines to help stitch the belt together.
  • Lower grid size on small pieces for more details.
  • A good cluster for a belt at the waist is the low waist cluster. Use the Waistband (Belt) wrap type.

Belt Hardware

Belt hardware can be represented using one of the following methods:

  • Method One

    Create the belt hardware using 2D images. This method is simplest as it uses an image of the hardware.

    1. Create a pattern shape the size of the 2D image.
    2. Assign the image as artwork to the piece.
    3. Create a fabric with stiff material physics that is transparent.
    4. Assign the fabric to the pattern shape for the hardware.
    5. Add internal lines to the hardware pattern piece and stitch to the belt pattern pieces.
  • Method Two

    Create the belt hardware using a modeled 3D Object. This method requires you to have a ready-made 3D object, or for you to be able to have one made for you.


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