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Troubleshooting Basics

Troubleshooting Basics

Sometimes things go wrong, or don't work the way you expect them to. If this is happening to you, before you look at the articles listed below, you might consider checking the following:

  • What tool is selected?

    • Hint: check what type of mouse cursor icon is displaying.

  • What type of item is selected? For example, is it artwork, fabric, a pattern piece, a line, or a point?

    • Hint: is the selected item on the Resources tabs?

    • Hint: is the item selected in the 2D window?

    • Hint: is the item selected in the 3D window?

  • Has your simulation finished?

    • Hint: is Dress (the icon on the Main toolbar) flashing?

  • Which View options are turned on?

If you are still experiencing difficulty, check out the troubleshooting articles.

Troubleshooting Articles

This section contains articles about the following:

If you are experiencing internet connection issues, refer to Internet Connectivity Configuration.

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