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Switching Imported Avatar Textures

If you have different textures for an imported avatar, you can switch these in VStitcher by loading a different texture.

To load a texture:

  1. If the avatar whose texture you want to switch is already loaded and displaying in the 3D window, skip ahead to step 2. Otherwise:

    1. On the Resources tabs, click 3D, then Avatars. The Avatars tab is displayed with all available avatars.

    2. Double-click the imported avatar whose texture you want to switch. The avatar is displayed in the 3D window.

  2. In the 3D window, right-click on the avatar, then click Edit Avatar. The Edit Avatar pane is displayed.

  3. On the Edit Avatar pane, at Textures, click Click the drop-down. A menu is displayed with the available textures.

    Loading a texture

  4. Do one of the following:

    1. On the drop-down, click the texture you want to load. The texture is loaded.

    2. On the drop-down, click Import. A file explorer window is displayed. Navigate to the folder where the texture files are located, select it, and click Open. The textures are available to be selected from the drop-down.

  5. If you want to close the Edit Avatar pane, click Click to close the pane at the top left of the pane.


Editing Imported Avatar Textures

You can edit the texture for an imported avatar in Photoshop or other third-party photo editing software. For use in VStitcher, the texture file must comply with the following:

  • File name and file extension remain unchanged

  • File located inside a new folder.

For example, if you edit a texture file plain.jpg, you must save the edited file as plain.jpg but in another folder.


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