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Creating a Normal Map

Creating a Normal Map

To create a normal map:

  1. In Photoshop, open the file for the diffuse map created in Creating a Diffuse Map. Save the file as <filename>_nrm. For example, seersucker_nrm. The correct name suffix is essential.

  2. On the Main menu, click Filter > 3D > Generate Normal Map.

    Generate Normal Map

  3. Test the normal map by moving in 3D within Photoshop to ensure that the concave and convex features are correct. If concave and convex are swapped, on the Generate Normal Map dialog box, select Invert Height.

    Invert Height

  4. Save and test the normal map by assigning it to a garment within VStitcher and adjusting the depth. A 3D texture should be apparent on the 3D simulated fabric.

    3D texture

  5. Save the file in your preferred file format.

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