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Importing 3D Objects - Overview

Importing 3D Objects - Overview

You can import 3D objects into VStitcher and Lotta. This section sets out the best practice and recommended approach when preparing such objects for use in VStitcher and Lotta.

You can import 3D trim into Lotta. You can import avatars and 3D trim into VStitcher.

For more information, refer to the following:

Using Maya to create your 3D objects? Here are some recommendations:

  • Use FBX format

  • Use a separate geometry for each separate object

  • Assign a separate material to each geometry

  • Give descriptive names to materials

    For example: button-body, button-thread, and so on

  • Before exporting:

    1. Select all

    2. On the File menu, click Export Selection

    3. For Export Options, select Embed Media. This makes it easier to share the file because the textures are included in the FBX


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